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Europe 2 wheel Annad r2 two wheel electric bike for adult






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Some bike tests are decided on the finer points, others simply come down to price. But every now and then a bike comes along that stamps its authority so firmly on a category that there’s simply no doubting its pedigree. The Trek Fuel EX 7 29 is one such bike.

The category in question is £2k full suspension 29er trail bikes. It’s a landmark price point that all of the major manufacturers are keen to hit. As such, it’s one of the most hotly contended segments in mountain bike design.

trek fuel ex 29

So when the Trek Fuel EX 7 29 breezed our 29er test back in July, easily defeating classics like the Specialized Camber Comp and Kona Hei Hei, while brushing aside any possible challenge from the new Norco Optic 29, it instantly became our new benchmark 29er trail bike.

Build around a brand new 130mm travel Alpha aluminium frame, the Fuel EX draws upon Trek’s wealth of suspension knowledge and all of the latest standards to produce a thoroughly modern 29er trail bike. It retains key features like Trek’s ABP suspension, which decouples the braking characteristics from pedalling and bump forces, while marrying the linkage to a Metric size shock for improved reliability.


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